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Please get in touch to discuss your child's` specific needs.

Since 2010, our priority has been to source the best available equipment, that demonstrates:

1) absence of the "special needs" vibe, with the best possible ride quality and widest smile.

2) future proofing to grow with your child and therefore outlast standard upright tricycle design.

3) ease of use in terms of transport, storage and adaptation for your child`s very specific needs.

4) ease of future resell on the open market like Ebay.

We have a child specific 2023 German Hase Trets, Hase Trix, Hase Pino tandem, British Circe Helios tandem for test rides.

The British ICE Sprint X Tour is also a best seller for older children due to its` low super stable design.

Sadly British KMX trikes have left the stage but we still offer 2nd hand.

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