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The worlds` best Trikes and Tandems.

Freetrike uses a range of equipment, sourced from across Europe, to meet client needs.

We specialize in non "special needs" looking equipment and only sell what we use ourselves.

All of our trikes and tandems fold (except KMX) for ease of transport in a standard car and for storage.


Each trike or tandem is adapted to allow the client the most freedom to challenge their disability.

This might include modifications such as single sided hydraulic braking, a variety of pedaling systems or pedal assist motors. 



Tadpole Recumbent Trike


With 2 steered wheels at the front and one driven wheel at the rear they take the shape of a tadpole when seen from above.

They are designed for long distance expeditions where deckchair comfort and low centre of gravity load carrying are superior to a standard touring bike like the Dawes Galaxy.


We favour them for clients who are wheelchair bound and present a challenge for the car door transfer onto the equipment. We simply remove the pedals and slide the trike between the legs. The client can reach back for the "helping handles" and lower themselves down to the 33 cm high seat. Pedals are then reattached.


We have a large range of KMX trikes to test, hire and buy at the Torbay Velopark and ICE trikes to test and buy at all of our centres.

Delta Recumbent Trike

With one steered wheel at the front and 2 driven wheels at the rear these trikes have a triangular or "Delta" shape when viewed from above.


First made by Hase Bikes based in Western Germany in 1994 the trike is particularly suited to trips to the local shops with its tight turning circle and its 55 cm plus seat height facilitating ease of independant use. Its` differential 2 wheel rear drive and full air suspension make it particulaly practical on off road rides. When the single front wheel is removed they can also be connected to another trike or bike as a trailer.


We have a range of Hase trikes to try and buy at all our test centres.

Delta Upright Trike


With the familiar looks of a ‘normal bike’ but with 2 wheels at the rear to provide greater stability the tricycle was introduced in 1888 by a Leicester based company. Once handed out by the NHS they are the "old school" national standard for disability cycling. The space between the rear wheels provides a cargo carrying function and some have a fold for greater ease of storage and transport.


Often suitable for low speed clients who have an overall weakness, we advise that they are unsuitable for those with a weak or paralysed arm.


The full range of Pashley tricycles are available for test ride, hire or to buy at our Torbay Velopark Test centre.

Delta Tandem Trike


A pair (or more) of delta recumbent trikes can quickly and easily be joined to make a tandem. This might be appropriate for clients of any age who cannot be consistent in safe independent braking or steering for all or sections of a ride. Delta recumbents can also be attached to a normal bike to become a trailer but with active pedaling.


We have this Hase Bikes system available for test and buy at all of our test sites.

Semi recumbent Tandem


A tandem but with the upright "captain" at the rear with full braking, gear and steering control and the recumbent "stoaker" at the front with pedal pedaling input.


The front rider is in a luxurious deck chair position and above a small 20 inch wheel to maintain excellent stability through low centre of gravity. Unlike conventional tandems both team pedalers have clear field of view and better vocal communication.


An oversized support stand makes loading of the front rider safe and easy. Has to be tried to be understood. All the properties of a 2 wheeler with improved practicality and comfort. Comes into 2 parts for transport


We have a Hase Pino available for test and purchase at Torbay Velopark.



Powering the wheels by arm-power rather than pedals, these machines offer greater efficiency and speed than the usual wheeling’ of a wheel chair ever can.


A range are available to try at our Torbay Velopark site.

(Varna 2 and wheelchair handcycle)

We are a dealer for the Hase Handbike. We often source handcycles for clients from Ebay due to their high depreciation.

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