Freetrike is the only UK dealer with
all 5 recumbent European brands to test ride & buy: 

ICE, Hase, Azub, HP Velotechnic and KMX recumbent (expedition) trikes.

Wisper, Ridgeback and Airnimal e bikes and Hase & Circe tandems.

We are a stockist dealer for ICE and Azub..why wait?


ICE trikes, based in Cornwall, England, have been used by our Outreach Service for over 10 years. In summer 2021 we reached 20,000 miles across Devon using ICE Adventure HD e trikes. Their unique selling point is their neat elastomer rear suspension which then allows a more compact fold when putting the heavier e trike versions in the car boot. This makes them our best selling trike.

We have both Sprint and Adventure HD models for test rides.

We also have the latest Shimano E6100 motor with automatic gearing.

We are a stockist dealer..why wait 6 months?




AZUB, based in the Czech Republic, have been making Recumbent trikes since 2010 and recumbent bikes since 2000. Azub are well known for winning "trike of the year" awards for their innovation.

The T Tris, Tri Con and the Ti Fly trikes all offer folding frames and some spectacular engineering features that have to be tried and tested to fully appreciate. Many of our clients like their choice of colours, that the frame can fold twice and so very small for air travel but most of all just want something ...different!

We have the Ti-Fly 26 model to try here in Silverton.

We are a stockist dealer..why wait?

Hase Bikes, based in Western Germany, have been world leaders in rehab cycling products  since 1994. They make "Delta recumbent trikes" for adults and children which steer with one wheel at the front. In 2016 they have introduced a folding version of this Delta design which makes it both a joy to transport and ride.

They also make a semi recumbent tandem called the Pino.


We have Kettwiesel Evo, Trigo, Lepus, Trets, Handbike

and Pino models for test rides.



HP Velotechnic, based in Kriftel near FrankFurt in Germany have been making recumbent trikes and bikes since 1993. We have been attracted to their formula one aspirations for their tadpole trikes with Macpherson strut front suspension and a steady evolution of their components in all of their wide range of trikes.


We have a Scorpion FS26 to test ride at our Silverton workshop.




KMX Karts, based in Birmingham, England, since 2002 have made a "Tadpole" recumbent trike product range that cater for children and those looking for a more affordable ride trike. In November 2017 they introduced the folding Koyote.


We have Kompact R, K-3, Kolt models for test rides at Torbay Velopark.



Ridgeback Bikes, Tandems and E bikes, based in Milton Keynes, England, have been making their cycles since 1983. We have chosen them for their high quality and good value and have been using their bikes at The Velopark since it opened in 2014.

We can supply their tandems, children`s bikes and their excellent Shimano Steps

E bikes.





Since 2010 we have supplied clients with their assembled trike/ tandem/ bike with all the necessary adaptations to give them the best chance to challenge their disability. This might include single hand steering and braking together with a variety of pedaling systems for those with high tone or paralysis. Consider us your personal "Q branch".


We also offer the best available motor assist equipment on ICE, HASE, Azub, HP Velotechnic trikes and Circe and Hase tandems.

Call us/ message us today and book a Devon test drive, available 7 days a week.

Freetrike Test Centre, 1 Poundsland Cottages Silverton, Exeter, Devon, EX5 4DS.

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