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THE DEVON FREETRIKE OUTREACH SERVICE picks up clients from their home, transports them to their nearest off road path and delivers 2 hours of 1 to 1 supported exercise on the best available equipment.


We deliver respite, exercise, adventure and social contact using the following steps:



The first visit usually takes place at your home or at your local path and lasts up to two hours. We discuss your specific abilities and needs and look at suitable locations for rehab sessions and what equipment we might use.


For those who might be overwhelmed by an outdoor assessment we offer the opportunity to try an adapted trike in your own living room using a rolling road. 



Once you are happy with our plan, we can transport you to your first outdoor session.


Routes are planned based on your ability and comfort. Your carers and family are encouraged to come along and share the experience. 


Using GPS technology, I am able to record your journey. We can then look at distance travelled, speed, heart rate and numerous other variables. 


Outreach sessions can progress in a number of chosen directions:


Some clients have weekly outreach sessions, some fortnightly depending on budget or schedules.


Equipment purchase. Freetrike is a dealer for several  manufacturers.


Respite holidays within Devon

or to Centre Parcs, Longleat, Somerset.

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